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Our Projects

It aims to bring happy and prosperous like to millions of people by forming meaningful, long lesting and mutually rewarding business association. It has built up its base through destinguished quality products and income plans that quality which is being widely honored and acclaimed. It has q unique business solution for all class of people to learn unlimited income.

Real Estate

Your home mirrors your personality. So when you have such elegant tastes, class and sophisitication, why should your home be any less? A home where you can indulge your flair for good living - finely crafted italian furniture, delicately, caebed crockery from belgium. Skillfully woven kashmiri carpets, sheer comfort evveloped in a lavish lefestyle.

Joint Venture

A Joint Venture can ensure the success of smaller projects for those that are just starting in the business world or for established corporations. Since the cost of starting new projects is generally high, a joint venture allows both parties to share the burden of the project, as well as the resulting profits.


Education has the power to eradicate all evils from society. It is our constant endevour to reach out to as many children as we can and not only to provide them with a loving home but also good quality education that enables them to become contributing members of the society.

Personality Development

Personality is defined as the enduring personal characteristics of individuals.Although some psychologists frown on the premise, a commonly used explanation for personality development is the psychodynamic approach. The term "ambot" describes any theory that emphasizes the constant change and development of the individual.

Career Counseling & Right Job Placement

Career counseling includes a wide variety of professional activities which focus on supporting people in dealing with career-related challenges - both preventively and in difficult situations (such as unemployment). Career counselors work with people from various walks of life, such as adolescents seeking to explore career options, experienced professionals contemplating a career change, parents who want to return to the world of work after taking time to raise their child, or people seeking employment.

Financial Services

Protect your business and employees with Corporate Insurance Coverage. Insurance companies are the backbone of Nation's risk management. Corporate Insurance safeguards Employees against personal accidents, sickness etc. business assets like manufacturing units, trading and service properties are also covered under corporate insurance.


Agricultural Projects: Being an Indian, We know the importance of agriculture in our country. Regarding agricultural inputs, fertilizers and pecticides are the most important. To establish our country as a self sufficent in food grain production, We need to continue research on these two inputs along with better crop variety development.

Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry is the management and care of farm animals by humans for profit, in which genetic qualities and behaviour, considered to be advantageous to humans, are further developed. The term can refer to the practice of selectively breeding and raising livestock to promote desirable traits in animals for utility, sport, pleasure, or research, but also refers to the efficient exploitation of a species in agriculture advantageous to humans.

Welcome to VDI Group

VDI Group welcome's you.
We are a group of VDI Infrustructure Pvt. Ltd. and business leaders with 10 years of experience in Real Estate, Insurance, Corporate and Sales & Marketting. Our team of highly qualified Sales Professionals Agents, Brokers, Property Managers and support staff has more than 8-10 years of exeperience in such fields. We pride ourselves in providing smooth., stress-free transactions for our clients so they can relax and enjoy island life. We are firmly committed to providing you with the very best results and service in the industry. We listen carefully to understand your real goals and create solutions that make sense for you. Whether you are new to the market or an experienced investor, we have the expertise, proven track record and resources to help you achieve your objectives.

Running Projects

Donga Plots

Plots on sale at beautiful location and the price....aahhh!!! Its genuine.

Bhauwala Projects

We coludn't describe the place value so you must visit once to know the value of the place.

Builders Gallery

K World Estate Pvt. Ltd.

K World Estate Pvt. Ltd.

Gaurson's India Ltd.

Gaurson's India Ltd.

Earth Infrastructure Ltd.

Earth Infrastructure Ltd.